Midwest Pagan Council

41st Annual Pan Pagan Festival - August 2-6, 2017


Want to give a Workshop or present a Ritual at PPF?

Festivals thrive because everyone gets together to share their knowledge and learn from each other.

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2017 Workshops!

See the 2017 schedule HERE. (Please note, schedule is subject to change.)

Lilith Mother of All Dark Creatures - Corvus Nocturnum

The figure Lilith is forever entrenched in our minds, as the mother of all dark creatures. From ancient artifacts to modern day film and comic books, we continue to see her as a vengeful feminine anti-hero. The she-demon from the Babylonian empire is far from an antiquated figure of myth and lore of days gone by. If anything, there has been a renewed interest in Lilith which has led modern artists and writers to embrace the archetype with still more fervor than in any time in the past. Like the phoenix which rises from the ashes of its former self, Lilith is reborn each time her character is reinterpreted and retold, in as much as are vampires, clarifying the reasons her persona was so quickly adapted to be the mother of the Succubi and of course vampires in so many stories. This reshaping of the screeching demoness serves to reflect each generation’s views of the feminine role in society, or in our day and age, how we redefine ourselves with one another. As we grow and change with Lilith survives the millennia, because she is truly the singular best archetype for the changing role of women. Learn Lilith’s darkest secrets as the author unveils her origins and brings you forward in time to discover this misunderstood figures evolution.

Finding Your Rhythm - Shouting Mountain

A fun workship to help build confidence with your drum. Learn basic Djembe techniques, drum circle etiquette, and a few basic rhythms. As well, learn to care for your drum. And most importantly, learn how to develop your own style and method of playing the drum.

Tie Dye with Elfie - Elfie

Come learn how to tie up a shirt and dye it!
[Please bring a pre-washed shirt (no softeners) and $5 to cover the dye materials. If you are interested in purchasing a pre-washed shirt from Elfie, please email her at arwencourtney@yahoo.com with subject line "PPF Tie Dye Workshop" to order one by 7/16. Additional costs of shirt will apply.]

Backyard Medicinals - Starr Morgayne

Have you ever wondered if there were any medicinal plants growing in your backyard? In this class, we will look at and discuss many "weeds" and other plants commonly found growing in the area and what beneficial properties they have.

Satanism 101 and Beyond - Corvus Nocturnum

This often maligned religion has frightened religious and non-religious people all over the world since the 1960s. For many, the term “Satanism” brings to mind many unpleasant thoughts and images. Through Hollywood stereotyping and contemporary religion gaining power through the Devil in propaganda, as supposedly Satanic deeds distorts the reality. Find answers to frequently asked questions about Satanic practices and beliefs. Learn from a reverend and media representative for the official Church of Satan.

Fairy Basics - Michelle B.

Learn the basic etiquette when dealing with the fey.

How to be a Successful Writer - Corvus Nocturnum

I want you to be successful as a writer. I remember the feeling of putting out my first book, the excitement it brought, the happiness of seeing it in my own hands and looking it over. But then the fear kicked in. How do I sell this ton of books, this four foot square ton of paper and ink?”

These and other aspects of being a writer are covered in this class. I explain my thoughts on being a writer, both the good and bad aspects, in a raw and honest manner. I also go over techniques for how to get publicity, how to market yourself, tips on promotion, the proper use of social media, tips for networking, public speaking, traditional publishing versus self publishing, formatting and cover design, if you need a literary agent or not, and how to get exposure.

Other topics are how to handle rejection, self motivation, and improving your personal branding and outer appearance.

Craft Hour with Auntie Kristi - Kristi C.

Enjoy working on crafty projects, but can't seem to stop and sit long enough with all the other fun at the festival going on? Well come to Craft Hour with Auntie Kristi, where we take a seat in the shade, pull out our craft, and spend a little time working on it with good conversation.

Pagan Coloring Corner - AnnaMarie & Stargate Temple

For Children, young and old, to get their color on. All you bring is your creativity.
We bring therapeutic coloring to a whole new level, with pagan designs and magical animals. We will have lots of crayons and a color pencil set for the avid artists. We will have beginners, Intermediate and advance design sheets to chose from. If you like to play with colors, check us out.

Land, Sea, and Sky - Drum

The three realms of Land, Sea, and Sky and their relationship to Druidry are discussed. The three realms, the three hallows, and the three Kindreds are all part of this discussion. The making of offerings will be presented and practiced. An ADF Core Order ritual will be included.

Energy Work and Chakra Healing - Merlin

This workshop will focus on feeling energy, shielding, and visualization aides for better focus. Chakra Healing will include testing each main chakra point and offer suggestions for clearing energy blockages.

Make a Stone Bead Bracelet - Security Barbie

Learn how to make a leather breacelet using stones with good energy.
[This class is limited to 10 people. $5 to cover bracelet materials.]

Intro to Spellwork - Joe V. a.k.a. Registration Ken

Curious on how to do spellwork, and which spellwork might be right for you? Come learn about the different types of spellwork and what each kind of spellwork is good for.

How to use a Pendulum - Dori M.

This workshop is for kids of all ages on how to use a pendulum.

Suncatchers - Lizzy

For kids of all ages, come and learn how to make a simple but beautiful suncatcher that you'll be able to take home with you.

Raising a Witch - Taz

We will talk about resources, crafts, rites of passage and many other aspects about raising a Pagan child. Come join us in a discussion and share your experiences.

Herbs into Medicine - Charlie C.

How to make your own medicine at home - from tea to salves and more.

Spiritual Aspects of Herbal Medicine - Charlie C.

Learn how herbs have been part of the spiritual walk from the beginning of time, from the Celts to the Chinese to the Bible.