Midwest Pagan Council

39th Annual Pan Pagan Festival
Aug. 5 - Aug. 9, 2015

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In 1976, several Pagan groups in the greater Chicago area formed the Midwest Pagan Council with the purpose of sharing Traditions, information, and ideas that might foster understanding and unity within the Pagan community.

The Council met and discussed various ways by which they might further this purpose. Out of the ideas presented came the concept of hosting an outdoor gathering open to any and all Pagans.....an All Pagan Festival that anyone could attend no matter what their Tradition. The gathering would be a "common ground" meeting place where Pagans of any and all Traditions could share information of their Tradition, occult knowledge, ideas, and experiences while communing with Nature and the Lord and Lady.

The late Richard Clarke, High Priest of the Calumet Pagan Temple suggested the name Pan Pagan Festival for the gathering. "Pan" here having a double meaning as both the name of a woodland God and a word signifying all-encompassing.
Thus the Pan Pagan Festival was born!!!

After over thirty years now, the MPC's Pan Pagan Festival is still held in August, at a campground just outside of Knox, Indiana, providing that "common ground" meeting place for Pagans of any and all Traditions.

So, what goes on at PPF? Well, it is a 5 day Fest that officially opens on Wednesday. (Though for a small charge you can come early.) The only scheduled event for Wednesday is an opening Ritual mid-afternoon to set the "theme" for the Fest. We've always felt that after traveling to get here, you don't need to find a workshop you might want to attend started 10 minutes ago and you still haven't found a place to set your camp.

Thursday thru Saturday there are 3 time slots for workshops to be held in 3 locations...a potential for 9 workshops a day. Of course what is presented depends entirely on YOU! This is a place for those attending to share THEIR information and knowledge.
Thursday night the MPC sponsors a Meet & Greet so everyone can meet everyone else. We provide some beer, wine, soft drinks, and munchies and get you to introduce yourself and say "Hi".

Friday night we have the Follies! Think you can entertain? Think you could have made it on American Idol? Here's your chance!!! (We DO peace bond the tomatoes.)
Saturday afternoon the MPC puts on a FEAST ! ! ! Yes, We FEED You!
Saturday evening is the Main Ritual set to focus our combined energies on the theme each year.
Sunday about mid-day is a short closing Ritual.

In a nutshell, that's Pan Pagan Festival.

Any questions, please email us at midwestpagancouncil@yahoo.com